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Host : Douglas Viviani
Host : David Cohen

EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN is a unique radio program that juxtaposes yesterday's pop culture and entertainment with that of today.

It's not just a trip down memory lane! While hosts DOUG VIVIANI and DAVE COHEN enjoy revisiting the memories, they really get charged up comparing and contrasting the past to what's happening in pop culture right now.

EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN is America's Entertainment Pop Culture Talk Show! It's a show every one relates to -- because it's the Pop Culture we grew up with! Doug and Dave cover a world of topics: TV themes, 007 Villains, Comic Book Super Heroes, Disney Princesses, Star Trek, Saturday Cartoons, Top TV Sitcoms -- the list goes on and on!

Recent Episodes
February 25, 2017
We're Off to See the Wizard
With the upcoming 80th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz movie in 2 short years; Oz the Great and Powerful movie from 2013 starring James Franco and Mila Kunis; the success of The WIZ live on TV last year; the success of Wicked on Broadway for over a decade; and the Advent of the NBC Emerald City TV show -- Oz is alive and well. It's a perfect topic for our show. Since L. Frank Baum's original and first Oz novel was published in 1901, this series of stories has never gone away. It's time for us to take a trip, through the power of radio, to see how Oz and it's inhabitants are doing now.
February 18, 2017
We have seen the production of the new and critically acclaimed HBO series, Westworld...but is it new? In case you don't know, this idea of an amusement park inhabited by robots, where you pay to be in the Wild West with a guarantee that you won't get hurt, was created by the great Michael Crichton. He also created Jurassic Park, Andromeda Strain, Congo, The Great Train Robbery, Sphere, Rising Son, Disclosure, and Timeline. All of these became movies.

This week, we explore Westworld and amusement parks in general, as places for fun, excitement, story telling, and movies. We'll also take you behind the scenes, to share some little-known amusement park secrets. Join us!
February 11, 2017
Bad Remakes
Recently, we have seen the remake of the classic movies, Blair Witch, Ghostbusters, Magnificent Seven, Tarzan and Ben Hur. Some were successful and others a complete disaster. We are not talking sequels, but total remakes of these movies. We know it's easier to just remake a movie with an existing script and built-in audience, but is this a smart move?

Money is not the only measuring stick – what about cinematic quality of these remakes of classic films? Should classic movies ever be remade?
February 05, 2017
Great Coaching
College football has recently named their 2017 Champion, the Superbowl is almost here, and College Basketball season is in full swing. What do all these have in common? To have a successful team, you need to have quality COACHING!

This week, we are privileged to welcome my college roommate, Tim Phelan to the show. Back in the day, he coached my college intramural basketball team and is now coaching AP Girls Soccer. He's here to share his expertise in this area, as we explore the gift of coaching and why it's been so important since the beginning of time. We are sure the Olympic athletes in Ancient Greece had great coaches for their athletes. Speaking of ancient, welcome old friend!
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