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Host : Lee Witting
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The International Association for Near-Death Studies presents NDE RADIO, a weekly exploration of near-death experiences and similar encounters with the other side, hosted by LEE WITTING.

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), the world’s pioneer organization in exploring what happens when the soul leaves the body, is now expanding it’s educational efforts through broadcasting with NDE RADIO.

Host LEE WITTING is himself a near-death experiencer with a doctor of ministry degree in NDE studies. NDE RADIO airs live every Monday at 11:00 AM Eastern here on TalkZone.

The show features first-hand stories of near-death and out-of-body experiences, interviews with guests who have experienced the other side, and with researchers of the NDE and other “mystical” phenomena. Shows will offer the chance for audience call-ins, and each show will be archived for listening at any time.

For further information about the work of IANDS, its remarkable history, publications, outreach activities, local chapters, conventions and the like, we invite you to check out our website at IANDS.ORG.

Today's Episode
December 18, 2017
Life After Death- An Analysis of the Evidence
Robert Davis, PhD, is a sensory neuroscientist who has brought science to the study of unidentified flying objects, and most recently to the various aspects of life after death – including near-death experience, out of body experiences, apparitions, reincarnation, and mediumship. In his new book, Life After Death – An analysis of the Evidence, Dr. Davis examines the experimental evidence and theories of existence after death. He explores the potential for an afterlife through the analysis of case studies, interviews, and research findings. In addition, he examines evidence-based scientific theories that include the multiverse, biologic brain activity, and the consciousness-brain connection.
Recent Episodes
December 11, 2017
The Angelic Origins of the Soul
Our guest today, Tricia McCannon, is a near-death experiencer, as well as a gifted clairvoyant, historian, author, and teacher, who has dedicated her life to discovering and teaching the parallel wisdoms in a wide variety of spiritual traditions, East and West. As a mystical symbologist, she writes and speaks on a variety of subjects, from the quest for the Philosopher’s Stone to the lost years of Jesus, the ancient civilization of Atlantis to angels and extraterrestrials.
December 04, 2017
Driving Into Infinity
Our guest today, Paula Lenz, earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Sam Houston State University, and her career of more than 40 years includes high school English teacher, partnership in a woman-owned business, national manager for a worldwide engineering firm, and executive director at a major Houston association. With the sudden and shocking death of her brother Don in 1983, Paula experienced a direct contact "in infinity" with her brother’s spirit through an out-of-body experience. Moreover, strange events connected with that initial contact have continued through her life.
November 27, 2017
It's Difficult to Be Thankful
With Thanksgiving just passed, host Lee Witting discusses some of the difficulties inherent in being thankful, how some religions have capitalized on the the impulse, and finally, how NDEs answer the question and offer a path toward healing the world.
November 20, 2017
Near Death Experience from A Christian Perspective
Penny Wilson is the mother of three terrific kids, grandmother of two wonderful grandchildren and is married to a sweet man named Don. She is retired from her work as a nurse and living in Kentucky. Approximately three years ago, she was struck with a strange autoimmune disorder called idiopathic anaphylaxis; which is a fancy way of saying that she goes into anaphylaxis and anaphylactic shock without being seriously allergic to anything. This condition has caused her to be critically ill on numerous occasions. During three episodes of anaphylactic shock in 2014, she felt her spirit leave her body and subsequently had three near-death experiences; each a continuation of the one before. This is the story she will share with you on this episode.
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