Wednesday • April 26
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Host : Daryll Triplett
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Seriously, we can't make this up and neither can Daryll Triplett as Officer Keep It Real.

Get ready for an ear blasting, mind blasting piece of reality from a real live police officer who really doesn't give a damn about decorum, sensitivity training or the big blue wall of silence.

Officer Daryll Triplett is a 23 year Police Veteran who's seen, heard and done it all. At least when it comes to jacked up situations. Don't believe us?

Seriously, this is real!

Maybe it was one too many smart comments from dumb criminals, maybe it was one too many good cops taking heat from the big brass, or maybe he's just so close to collecting his retirement check he just doesn't give a damn...seriously....he doesn't.

But he does care about speaking his mind, keepin' it real, listening to your problems and apparently... a heck of a lot of Colt 45.

Tune into TalkZone every week, as he offers up a hefty dose of Officer Keep It Real as only a real Police Vet can deliver.

Listen to Officer Keep It Real (aka Comedian Daryll Triplett) attempt to solve your problems as ridiculous as they seem to us regular folks. Of course the quality of thoughtful replies will depend on how much he's had to tolerate that day.

So be sure to ask those questions in a timely manner because it goes without saying the more cans of Colt 45 you see laying around the desk, the less likely you are to get your question answered.

But hey that's Officer Keep It Real and he's well... keepin' it real. Didn't we tell you we can't make this up?
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April 08, 2016
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March 04, 2016
Dating and Sex
This week, we are talking about the topic of dating and sex. You can't have one without the other, right? Well what if you CAN'T have sex? What then? Can you date? Our crew and your boy, Officer Keep it Real have some interesting opinions on this titillating topic.
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