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Host : Necie L. Edwards

NECIE L. EDWARDS—pain management expert, health activist and conference organizer, TV talk-show host, and founder of the Fibromyalgia Patient Education and Support Organization (FPESO)—is here to offer help and hope to the millions of Americans who suffer from debilitating chronic pain conditions. Join her each week on THE PAIN-FREE ZONE.

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2014, NECIE understands how depressing and frustrating it can be living with chronic pain. Drawing upon her professional experience in health and wellness education, she became her own health advocate, conducting extensive research on the causes of chronic pain, treatments, and resources. “I know patients need a partner who empowers them with education and information about their pain issues and how they can be managed and overcome through a mind/body/spirit approach to treatment—without resorting to dangerous and addictive opioids,” she says. “With THE PAIN-FREE ZONE, I hope to help improve the quality of life of pain sufferers everywhere.”

During her show, NECIE will host expert guests, including top physicians, chronic pain specialists, healers, and other professionals who will share their pain management strategies and insights. Listeners are also invited to call in to have their specific issues addressed.
Recent Episodes
October 17, 2017
The Body Code and the Reduction of Chronic Pain
This week's guest is Mark Hernandez, a Holistic Practitioner / Certified Body Code Practitioner and a Certified Advanced ASHWork Practitioner. He helps people (especially female professionals) that have "hit the wall" with health and well-being issues. His work is non-invasive, safe, gentle and yields results--at times instantly, and in other cases, over time.

We'll be talking about the Body Code as a tool for reducing chronic pain.
October 10, 2017
If the majority of people with chronic health conditions are leading fairly normal lives, what's their secret? In a word, acceptance. Necie will discuss why this is so important, especially when dealing with a disease like Fibromyalgia.

Plus, Necie also shares some of her favorite products for dealing with chronic pain.
October 03, 2017
Patient Rights - How to advocate for Yourself!
As a patient, you have certain rights. Some are guaranteed by federal law, such as the right to get a copy of your medical records, and the right to keep them private. Many states have additional laws protecting patients, and health care facilities often have a patient bill of rights.

For those suffering with long term or chronic health issues, it is incredibly important to know what those rights are. We will discuss those rights this week. Necie will also lead a personal discussion on the symptoms and treatments for Fibromyalgia.
September 26, 2017
Mikel Carmon M.A., EALI, EEM-CP
Our guest on this episode is Mikel Carmon M.A., EALI, EEM-CP. She is author of CreateEnergy: Co-Creating Your Life with Conscious Intention, Balance and Simplicity

We create our lives with our thoughts and our behaviors. When we consciously choose our behavior or our thoughts, we are choosing to create a life of what resonates with us. It is that simple.

Co-creating your life with the Universe is what this life/day planner is all about. Every day, you choose what you want to experience and focus on. It is that simple. You get to choose. And intentional living is the result of deliberate choices, actions and thoughts.

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